The Adroit School of Architecture (School) is a degree awarding, educator owned independent educational institution established on the sixteenth day of October 2013.  The founder of the school set out on a noble cause to improve the skill of the Architect held back by outdated and low ranking accreditation standards. The School is named after one of its guiding principles, ‘Artificiosus Architectus’ meaning the adroit or skillful Architect.  Adroit is founded with a vision of betterment for the architecture profession through a rigorous curricula to promote forward thinking in the profession.  It is the goal of this institution to create an ideal architectural curriculum that can serve as a contemporary model through focus on knowledge and skills required by a licensed architect.  The School shall maintain pursuit of the following pillars as set forth by its founder, Professor Umber Kazmi:

The School shall assist students in obtaining a license to practice as an Architect after graduation by aligning core academic requirements with licensing laws of the land.  And by outlining work-experience options for students while enrolled in school.

The School shall dedicate a space to hold internship with a ‘Firm on Campus’ for optional work-experience. 

The School shall exercise evolving and rigorous academic design formulated to lead to the most skillful of Architects through knowledge of:  building codes, legal issues, technical documentation, engineering, materials, rhetoric, and creative skills. 

Professor Umber Kazmi

President & Founder

About Adroit

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