Adroit is licensed to confer degrees by the State of California. State approval is a rigorous process that mirrors accreditation requirements. The state employs distinguished educators that review every aspect of the college program for validity. This review coupled with numerous compulsory compliance inspections serves to protect the interest of potential students and parents. 



Adroit serves as a model of integrity, low tuition, and high quality to yield skillful architects for the betterment of the architecture profession.  



This school serves as a pilot program for the American Board of Architecture [ABA], the second largest architectural accreditation body, and to exemplify Direct License Path [DLP]. This program streamlines the licensure path to 6-years. This school distinguishes itself from traditional architecture schools which follow a 14.5-year path led by AIA which created NCARB-NAAB-ACSA-AIAS as a family of lawyer led non-profits.  NAAB is not a recognized accrediting body by the US Department of Education. Students should be aware of cyber bullying, unethical postings, and smear campaigns launched by these non-profits. Even a low tuition school such as Adroit with innovative methodologies to streamline licensure is subject to cyber bullying by those who aim to draw profit from the students following the current path. The school's stands by its dedication to generate skillful architects.


Direct Licensing Path (DLP) is a trademark of ABA. NCARB-NAAB-ACSA-AIAS as a collateral family are not permitted use the term as competitors. Other innovative trademarks created by ABA such as License Upon Graduation (LUG) and Alternative Licensing Path (ALP) have been used by these groups in the past without permission.


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