⟪ iReady ⟫ Master of Architecture 2

Second Professional Degree
Leading to licensure in California + All 50-States

Program Description and Requirements 


This path is designed for students who hold a first professional architecture degree but do not hold a license as an architect. The program is aligned with both 4.0 and 5.0 exam version. Licensure can lead to career advancement or a career in architectural education.  iReady Program is composed 30 semester credit hours.  Classes are held entirely online as Real-time distant learning.

Program Learning Outcomes, Skills and Competencies

  • Direct Licensure Path (DLP)™  curriculum is aligned with national architect licensing exams.  The school does not grant licensure or offer licensing exams..

  • Students graduating from this program will be able to design buildings and sites with understanding and execution of: building codes, contract documents, engineering systems, environmental factors, professional practice, selection of materials, critical thinking, and creative skills.  All these are vital skills required for the practice of architecture.

Note: iReady Courses are part of a distant learning online program. Classes are taught entirely online using live Real-Time instruction on GotoMeeting. Unlike other online courses, iReady program is not pre-recorded or self-pacing. Each class is aligned directly with dedicated portions of the 4.0 + 5.0 national state licensing exams. Students are expected to participate in periodic quizzes and homework using the online platform. In-person or one-on-one instruction are not included. As an option, candidates may elect to earn a Master of Architecture with License Upon Graduation upon completion of the 30-credit iReady program.


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