Non-Degree ⟪ iReady ⟫ Program

Leading to licensure in California + All 50-States

Program Description and Requirements 


This path is designed for students who wish to prepare for architecture licensure exams. Licensure can lead to career advancement.  The program is aligned with both 4.0 and 5.0 exam versions. iReady Program is composed 30 semester credit hours. It is also referred to as iReady Program. Classes are held entirely online as Real-time distant learning.

Program Learning Outcomes, Skills and Competencies

  • Direct Licensure Path (DLP)™  curriculum is aligned with national architect licensing exams.  Students are not required to sit for each exam. Testing is optional upon graduation for students who meet State of California’s 5-yr degree and work-experience equivalent requirements under the supervision of a licensed architect. Work experience is optional and is not required as part of the degree but is encouraged. Students must accrue 1,920 hours of work to qualify to sit for the exam summer upon graduation.

  • Students graduating from this program will be able to design buildings and sites with understanding and execution of: building codes, contract documents, engineering systems, environmental factors, professional practice, selection of materials, critical thinking, and creative skills.  All these are vital skills required for the practice of architecture.

Note: iReady Courses are part of a distant learning online program. Classes are taught entirely online using live Real-Time instruction on GotoMeeting. Unlike other online courses, iReady program is not pre-recorded or self-pacing. Each class is aligned directly with dedicated portions of the 4.0 + 5.0 national state licensing exams. Students are expected to participate in periodic quizzes and homework using the online platform. In-person or one-on-one instruction are not included. As an option, candidates may elect to earn a Master of Architecture with License Upon Graduation upon completion of the 30-credit iReady program.

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